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Hohlwein’s ‘As Above, So Below’ shows at Natsoulas
ARTWEEK,  May 20, 2015  

Laura Hohlwein exhibits a new series inspired by erotica and classical mythology and other new works in As Above, So Below: Reflections on Immanence at the John Natsoulas Center for the Arts starting May 20th.


Laura Hohlwein will be showing her latest work at the John Natsoulas Gallery starting May 20th and until June 27th. The show will include a series she did in response to a book written by her mother and her friend, Kathryn Hohlwein and Michael Genung, entitled Nine Nights: The Rhapsodies of Mnemosyne. It “explores, in nine meditations, the idea that the nine muses were conceived by the actual intercourse of The Divine and Memory.” 

 Hohlwein mirrors the sensuality of the book in her series, which depicts the conception of muses including Melpomene/Tragedy and Polymnia/Sacred Hymns. While still holding true to her abstract style, she fully expresses the seductive spirit and energy present in the scenes portrayed.


 The work being shown outside of the series explores consciousness and sentience, and forces the lines between the tangible and the intangible, the concrete and the ephemeral, past the realm of certainty and into a mystifying haze. One is pushed to ask if there actually are clear separations within such dichotomies. These are all themes that are included in the arc encompassing the entirety of her career.


 As Above, So Below creates an multimedia experience by incorporating mirrors, photography, and the written word to supplement the large-scale abstractions.


Hohlwein holds two MFAs; one in Creative Writing and another in New Media. She has had a passion for art since she was a young child and describes her discovery of this passion as “a joy with hiding and revealing and finding anew what lies beneath, understanding the world as layered, understanding discovery as surprise, and—having the power to orchestrate that discovery—utterly empowering.” She has been painting and showing her work for almost 30 years and currently teaches at multiple institutions.  


 The show will run from May 20th through June 27th with an opening reception on May 23rd starting at 7PM. For more information about the reception, the show, or the artist, please visit

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